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it's retsuko. thank you have a good day
Art 👏 style 👏 theft 👏 doesn't 👏 fucking 👏 exist.

I like the littlest pet shop community but some of the kids in that community acts ignorant.

Kid: How dare you say lps sucks1!!!111!

Me: it's their opinion.


Me: Am I'm in hell?
Splendid, Simply delicious
i decided to redesign toast into a red shiba inu, she is still a ghost tho. (yes the title is from that one meme.) 
Edit 5/9/18: This dude is making a profit off of the traced drawings. he made a fucking patreon. do not support him on patreon!

credits for chaos55t for telling me

keep an eye out on an person named cristali on youtube and deviantart.
this person traces other people's artwork and most of them are in the animation meme community.

proof:  RUUNremember my post about tracer who have +13 000 subscribers?
yeah it was cristali or valdroxx
i'm a little bit worried about children
because valdroxx was doing lets play videos with porn on the thumbnail
mlp porn fdhjkcn
[link] this is his new video, where you can see his face on the thumbnail
(v because of valdroxx, and you can see some mlp porn in the bg)
the title is 'it's time to change'
i just want to warn you that cristali is not a innocent girl, but a pervy male
i don't care if he likes porn or not

but i'm afraid that he want to post something 'not nice' on youtube and i know that his subscribers are children too
he is probably going to do that kind of content again

goodnight hjfdk
and they're also drawing rule 34 of rossali's oc. and he posted them without the mature content filter. he also has more nsfw on their account. here is his account: <- nsfw warning
and most of his fanbase has younger children in it and he is posting nsfw on his channel and dA. 
and more videos have proof: 

these videos will explain everything better than me since im a level 1 ranter or exposer.
so don't let this person get away with this.
btw here is his channel:…

btw to cristali, piss off!

edit 3/16/18: cristali was banned but i believe he might come back. keep an eye out on him.
this is a gift for my mom. today is her birthday! 3/15/18
If you're wondering this doggo is a corgi mixed with a collie. i might start comissions tomorrow. idk but the wifi im using always cuts off and i have to wait many hours. welp i might do it but please note i only do points. also my mom isn't really a furry but i just drew a feral head for her.
i might be going on a hiatus. idk when im coming back, you'll know.
i might be going on a hiatus. idk when im coming back, you'll know.
Blushy doggo
another piece of art. (if it says "mature" content on the drawing its just da being stupid.)
chill your nipples you're fine. and besides, why would someone take the time out of their day to false report animation memes? that's just a waste of time for him. and youtube will take care of this so calm the fuck down.
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Naked Toast
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm sorry but for those of you who know me since 2016 you know I'm a huge fan of bomberman and I can relate this to my obsession to this one character named mighty.
<da:drawing id="461826732" format="200H">

credit goes to qeva.

if you cant see it i might screenshot it and link it to my stash
Swiggity swooty coming for dat booty
i know my handwriting is bad.
i tried to make her look like me except her fur is black and she has pink and violet eyes. and i don't have that bandana.



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it's retsuko. thank you have a good day


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